Topics & Sessions

Topics & Sessions

2021 OTA Annual Meeting On Demand

Session Title
BootCamp-Knee and Leg
BootCamp-Lower Extremity
BootCamp-Lunch with Cases Getting Thru the Night
BootCamp-Pelvis and Hip
BootCamp-Upper Extremity Fractures
BSFF: Paper Session: Biomechanics
BSFF: Paper Session: Infections, Scaffolds and Osteoporosis
BSFF: Paper Session: Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
BSFF: Paper Session: Quantifying Fracture Healing
BSFF: Symposium I: Great Debates in Trauma Biomechanics
BSFF: Symposium II: SRI Collaborative: Simple Design and Analysis Strategies for Solving Common Problems in Orthopaedic Clinical Research
BSFF: Symposium III: Orthopaedic Infections: What Have We Learned?
BSFF: Symposium IV: Post-Traumatic OA: From Basic Science to Clinical Implications
ITCF: Paper Session I: Upper Extremity
ITCF: Paper Session II: Pelvis & Acetabulum
ITCF: Paper Session III: Lower Extremity
ITCF: Paper Session IV: Geriatric
ITCF: Special Interest Lecture
ITCF: Symposium I: Humerus Fractures: Selecting Fixation for a Successful Outcome
ITCF: Symposium II: Pelvic Ring Injuries: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment
ITCF: Symposium III: Pilon Fractures – Consensus and Controversy
ITCF: Symposium IV: Tibial Nailing: Pushing the Limits
ITCF: Symposium V: Hip Fracture Management: Optimizing Outcomes
PA/NP: Case Discussion
PA/NP: Open Fractures & Amputations
PA/NP: Pediatric, Fx Healing & Fixation Theories
PA/NP: Pelvis
PA/NP: Polytrauma
PA/NP: Rules, Reimbursement and Realities
PA/NP: Skills Lab 1  & 2
PA/NP: Skills Lab 3 & 4
PA/NP: Upper Extremity
Annual Mtg: How Can the OTA Support Your Well-Being? A Panel Discussion and Town Hall on Sustaining Your Career via Advocacy, Leadership and Wellness
Annual Mtg: Paper Session I: Program Highlights
BootCamp-Foot & Ankle
BootCamp-Getting Through the Night
BootCamp-The Struggle Is Real
BSFF: Paper Session: Fracture Healing: Cells and Bone Grafting
BSFF: Symposium VI: Fracture Healing – Orthobiologics: From Basic Science to Clinical Application
BSFF-ITCF: Joint Session Symposium
BSFF-Paper Session: Polytrauma and Compartment Syndrome
ITCF: Paper Session V: General Interest
ITCF: Symposium VII – IOTA: Open Fractures: Current Treatment Perspectives
Key Note Lecture
PA/NP: General Interest I
PA/NP: General Interest II
PA/NP: Lower Extremity
President’s Message
YPF-Building Your Practice
YPF-How to Introduce Technology and Advances to your Practice
YPF-Panel Discussion: Different Practice Models: What makes them Different for Trauma
YPF-Panel Discussion: Starting your Career: Research, Getting Involved in OTA/AAOS
YPF-Supplemental Income as an Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon
YPF-Tackling the Unknowns in the First Year of Practice
Annual Mtg Symp-Hot Off The Press: Latest Randomized Controlled Trials That Can Change Your Practice in 2021
Annual Mtg: Indications for surgery of pelvic and acetabular fractures
Annual Mtg: Paper Session II: Foot, Ankle, Pilon & Hip and Femur
Annual Mtg: Paper Session III: Geriatric Fractures and Peds
Annual Mtg: Paper Session IV: Pelvis and Acetabulum
Annual Mtg: Paper Session V: General Interest and Post-Traumatic General Interest
Bringing Your Idea to Market- the Innovation Dream
Challenges in Non-union Treatment – A Case-Based Symposium
Current Strategies and Techniques for Operative Fixation of Complex Ankle Fractures and Fractures of the Tibial Plafond
Diversity and Inclusion in Orthopaedic Trauma
From Fixation to Revision in Periprosthetic and Interprosthetic Hip & Knee Fractures: When, How and Getting it Right
High Energy Proximal Femur Fractures: Avoiding Mistakes to Optimize Success
Immediate Past President’s Message
John Border Lecturer-Guest Speaker
Managing Complex Humerus Fractures: From Proximal to Distal
Navigating work and life stressors as an Orthopaedic Traumatologist
Olecranon and Proximal Ulna Fractures and Fracture-Dislocations: Not so easy!
State of the Art for Operative Management of Femoral Head Fractures
The Traumatized Midfoot: Tips and Tricks for Successful Reconstruction
Treatment of Supracondylar Femur Fractures: Plating, Nailing and Nonunions
Annual Mtg: ‘Gray zone pelvis’ ; What do I do?
Annual Mtg: How can we fix racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic healthcare disparities in orthopaedics and do these disparities exist in orthopaedic trauma?  An introduction and review from the OTA Diversity Committee.
Annual Mtg: Paper Session VI: Tibia/Knee and Tibial Plateau
Annual Mtg: Paper Session VII: Post Traumatic Reconstruction
Annual Mtg: Paper Session VIII: Upper Extremity & Wrist and Hand
Annual Mtg: Tolerate or Re-Operate: What to Do the Day After?
Axial Plane Deformity – How to Avoid It and Correct It
Combined Pelvic Ring and Acetabulum Fractures: What I’ve Learned and What I Wish I Would Have Known Back Then
Contaminated open fractures: getting it right and what to do if it goes wrong
Displaced Intra-Articular Calcaneus Fracture Management from “Soup to Nuts”: When, How, and Getting it Right
Dying controversies in orthopaedic trauma… Or are they?
From Knee to Ankle: Tips and Strategies for Managing Tibial Shaft Fractures in Proximal, Middle, and Distal Thirds
Lower Extremity Deformity–how to evaluate, when to plate, when to nail, when to frame, and when to give up
Rehab to Optimize Outcomes: Getting Our Patients Back on their Feet
Rotation, Rotation, Rotation: Why is it Important and How To Get it Right in Lower Extremity IM Nailing
Shoulder girdle injuries: Optimizing decision making and surgical management
The treatment of peri-prosthetic fractures in 2021: A comprehensive evidence-based approach!
Tips and Tricks for Getting the Metaphysis Right With Different Implants!

2019 OTA Annual Meeting On Demand

Session I: Upper Extremity Fractures

Session II: Pelvis and Hip

Session III: Lower Extremity

Session IV: Knee and Leg

Session V: Foot and Ankle

Session VI: The Struggle is Real

Session VII: Getting Through the Night

Addressing the Challenges of Practice: Creating Efficiency Despite Overwhelm

Challenges in Non-union Treatment – A Case-Based Symposium

Challenging Issues in Bicondylar Tibia Plateau Fractures

Compartment Syndrome: The Issues and Solutions you Need to Know About in 2019!

Controversies in Foot Fractures – The Great Debates

Controversies in Treatment of Pelvic Ring Injuries

Current Strategies and Techniques for Operative Fixation of Complex Ankle Fractures and Fractures of the

Tibial Plafond

Firearm Trauma: A Necessary Discussion

Fragility Fractures and Bone Health:  Current State of the Art

From Fixation to Revision in Periprosthetic and Interprosthetic Hip & Knee Fractures: When, How and Getting it Right

From Sling to Reverse: All Things Proximal Humerus — When, How and Getting it Right

Long Bone Nonunion Treatments: A Case-based Discussion

Lower Extremity Osteotomies–Learning How to Make them Work

Management of Critical Bone Defects

Managing Complex Humeral Fractures: From Proximal to Distal

Maximizing Outcomes in Tibial Pilon Fractures

Pelvic and Acetabulum Fractures

Peri-Operative Medical Disasters:  How to Manage Common Clinical Scenerios.

Plateaus and Pilons ; The Posterior Perspective (ver. 2)

Snakes in the Grass: Common Occupational Hazards

Techniques for Management of Challenging Distal Femur Fractures

The Femur Nonunion: Tips and Techniques on Successful Union from Proximal to Distal

The Soft Tissue Envelope: No Chance for Returns

The Traumatized Midfoot: Tips and Techniques for Successful Reconstruction

The Treatment of Peri-prosthetic Fractures in 2019: Can we reach a consensus?

Tips and Tricks in Dealing with Obesity in Orthopaedic Trauma

Paper Session I: Biomechanics – Hot Topics

Paper Session II: General Trauma Topics

Paper Session III: Masquelet or Segmental Bone Defect

Paper Session IV: Infection or ABC Delivery

Paper Session V: Bone Healing

Paper Session I: Acetabulum Femoral Head Injuries

Paper Session II: Pelvic Injuries

Paper Session III: Lower Limb Injuries

Paper Session IV: Best of the Best

Paper Session V: Pelvis and Hip Fractures

Paper Session VI: Upper Limb Injuries

Paper Session VII: General Trauma

Paper Session I:  Highlight Papers

Paper Session II: Tibia and Knee/Tibial Plateau

Paper Session III:  Pelvis and Acetabulum and Polytrauma

Paper Session IV: Hip/Femur

Paper Session V: General Interest

Paper Session VI: Geriatric

Paper Session VII: Foot and Ankle

Paper Session VIII: Upper Extremity

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Hemodynamically Unstable Pelvis Ring Injuries

Considerations for Limb Salvage v Amputation Following Severe Leg and Foot Trauma


Guest Nation Presentation: Specific Non-Unions

John Border Lecturer

President’s Message

Traditional thinking challenged: is the evidence from recent fracture trials strong enough to change practice?

What’s new in Fracture Related Infections

BSFF Symposium I: Biomechanical Models: Key Consierations in Study Design!

BSFF Symposium II: The Polytrauma Patient: Current Concepts and Evolving Care

BSFF Symposium III: The Induced Membrane (Masquelet) Technique for Bone Defects: Basic Science, Clinical

Evidence and Technical Issues

BSFF Symposium V: Bone Healing: Advances in Biology and Technology

BSFF Symposium VI: Regulation of Orthopaedic Devices: Future Implications for Research and Innovation

Joint Session – Symposium IV – Local delivery of antibiotics for bone infections: Current Insights

Key Note Address – Non-Union Decision Making

Special Interest Lecture

Symposium I – Surgical Techniques: How I do it?  Pelvic Instability Revisited

Symposium II: Tibial Plateau Fractures: Global Perspectives on a Complex Problem

Symposium III – Guest Nation

Symposium IV – Rotator Cuff Lesions

Symposium V – Femoral Neck Non-Union

Symposium VII: Fragility Fracture Care: Advances in Management

Mentor Session: Meet the Experts

Myth Busters vs. Reality About Orthopaedic Trauma

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