Topics & Sessions

Topics & Sessions

2021 OTA Annual Meeting On Demand Topics & Sessions — Coming Soon

2019 OTA Annual Meeting On Demand

Session I: Upper Extremity Fractures

Session II: Pelvis and Hip

Session III: Lower Extremity

Session IV: Knee and Leg

Session V: Foot and Ankle

Session VI: The Struggle is Real

Session VII: Getting Through the Night

Addressing the Challenges of Practice: Creating Efficiency Despite Overwhelm

Challenges in Non-union Treatment – A Case-Based Symposium

Challenging Issues in Bicondylar Tibia Plateau Fractures

Compartment Syndrome: The Issues and Solutions you Need to Know About in 2019!

Controversies in Foot Fractures – The Great Debates

Controversies in Treatment of Pelvic Ring Injuries

Current Strategies and Techniques for Operative Fixation of Complex Ankle Fractures and Fractures of the

Tibial Plafond

Firearm Trauma: A Necessary Discussion

Fragility Fractures and Bone Health:  Current State of the Art

From Fixation to Revision in Periprosthetic and Interprosthetic Hip & Knee Fractures: When, How and Getting it Right

From Sling to Reverse: All Things Proximal Humerus — When, How and Getting it Right

Long Bone Nonunion Treatments: A Case-based Discussion

Lower Extremity Osteotomies–Learning How to Make them Work

Management of Critical Bone Defects

Managing Complex Humeral Fractures: From Proximal to Distal

Maximizing Outcomes in Tibial Pilon Fractures

Pelvic and Acetabulum Fractures

Peri-Operative Medical Disasters:  How to Manage Common Clinical Scenerios.

Plateaus and Pilons ; The Posterior Perspective (ver. 2)

Snakes in the Grass: Common Occupational Hazards

Techniques for Management of Challenging Distal Femur Fractures

The Femur Nonunion: Tips and Techniques on Successful Union from Proximal to Distal

The Soft Tissue Envelope: No Chance for Returns

The Traumatized Midfoot: Tips and Techniques for Successful Reconstruction

The Treatment of Peri-prosthetic Fractures in 2019: Can we reach a consensus?

Tips and Tricks in Dealing with Obesity in Orthopaedic Trauma

Paper Session I: Biomechanics – Hot Topics

Paper Session II: General Trauma Topics

Paper Session III: Masquelet or Segmental Bone Defect

Paper Session IV: Infection or ABC Delivery

Paper Session V: Bone Healing

Paper Session I: Acetabulum Femoral Head Injuries

Paper Session II: Pelvic Injuries

Paper Session III: Lower Limb Injuries

Paper Session IV: Best of the Best

Paper Session V: Pelvis and Hip Fractures

Paper Session VI: Upper Limb Injuries

Paper Session VII: General Trauma

Paper Session I:  Highlight Papers

Paper Session II: Tibia and Knee/Tibial Plateau

Paper Session III:  Pelvis and Acetabulum and Polytrauma

Paper Session IV: Hip/Femur

Paper Session V: General Interest

Paper Session VI: Geriatric

Paper Session VII: Foot and Ankle

Paper Session VIII: Upper Extremity

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Hemodynamically Unstable Pelvis Ring Injuries

Considerations for Limb Salvage v Amputation Following Severe Leg and Foot Trauma


Guest Nation Presentation: Specific Non-Unions

John Border Lecturer

President’s Message

Traditional thinking challenged: is the evidence from recent fracture trials strong enough to change practice?

What’s new in Fracture Related Infections

BSFF Symposium I: Biomechanical Models: Key Consierations in Study Design!

BSFF Symposium II: The Polytrauma Patient: Current Concepts and Evolving Care

BSFF Symposium III: The Induced Membrane (Masquelet) Technique for Bone Defects: Basic Science, Clinical

Evidence and Technical Issues

BSFF Symposium V: Bone Healing: Advances in Biology and Technology

BSFF Symposium VI: Regulation of Orthopaedic Devices: Future Implications for Research and Innovation

Joint Session – Symposium IV – Local delivery of antibiotics for bone infections: Current Insights

Key Note Address – Non-Union Decision Making

Special Interest Lecture

Symposium I – Surgical Techniques: How I do it?  Pelvic Instability Revisited

Symposium II: Tibial Plateau Fractures: Global Perspectives on a Complex Problem

Symposium III – Guest Nation

Symposium IV – Rotator Cuff Lesions

Symposium V – Femoral Neck Non-Union

Symposium VII: Fragility Fracture Care: Advances in Management

Mentor Session: Meet the Experts

Myth Busters vs. Reality About Orthopaedic Trauma

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